Career and current job of the mentor

  • How was the career of the mentor - what led from one to the other, what hurdles had to be overcome? what "coincidences" have played a role?
  • Which practical experiences were purposeful, which were not?
  • What would my mentor retrospectively do differently?
  • What were the decision criteria for the work abroad?
  • Were there wrong decisions? How were they dealt with?
  • What is exciting about working abroad?

Questions about the application process in the favoured country

  • Rules for applications, differences to rules in Austria
  • No-Gos abroad concerning the job entry
  • Cultural differences
  • Working hours and break rules
  • Work-life balance
  • What is required?
  • How important are grades/ semester abroad/ volunteer work/ determined field of study or university?
  • Open to everything vs goal-oriented
  • How long does it take from the decision to starting a job in the new country?
  • Is it easier to start via an interantional company? (internal transfer abroad)


  • Important contacts - professional networks - local social networks
  • Tips on social media profiles and groups abroad
  • Events and groups in Austria originating from my favorite country
  • How to use networks wisely?

Subject-specific topics

  • Where can I find jobs in my desired industry in the favoured country?
  • How important is professional experience?
  • How important is the technical link between the thesis and the desired job/professional field?

Job/ professional field?

  • Development & further education
  • In which fields do I have good job opportunities abroad?
  • In which cities are the chances good to find a job in my industry?
  • Recommendations for further education/ additional qualifications/ further master's studies
  • What did my mentor have to learn after graduation?
  • Language courses and cultural education locally

general questions

  • How much can you control your own career path? Which areas do you have a lot of influence on, and which do you have little influence on?
  • Get personal feedback from the:mentor:in